Inspector F.J. Dickens of the NWMP - TIMELINE

  • 1844 Born January 15, London, England.
  • 1841 At school in Boulogne, France.
  • 1858 At school in Hamburg, Germany; pre-medicine.
  • 1863 - 70 Served with the Bengal Police, India.
  • 1870 Returned home to England after Father’s death.
  • 1874 Arrived October at Fort Dufferin, near Emerson, Manitoba. Appointed Sub-Inspector.
  • 1875 Fort Livingston, Swan River and then Fort Macleod.
  • 1876 Fort Macleod. N.B. Custer massacred in June at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, by Chief Sitting Bull and the Sioux.- all the Great Plains of North America were in a great state of tension.
  • 1877 Arrival of Chief Sitting Bull at Fort Walsh and at Wood Mountain Post. Sitting Bull stayed in the area until 1882.
  • 1877 Fort Macleod. Dickens travelled to attend the signing of Treaty No. 7 at Blackfoot Crossing.
  • 1878 Dickens transferred to Fort Walsh in the Cypress Hills. While there he would overlap with Sitting Bull and the Sioux for almost 3 years.
  • 1879 Fort Walsh - Dickens’ Mother died. In November Constable Graburn murdered near Fort Walsh.
  • 1880 Fort Walsh then transferred back to Fort Macleod in June. Received promotion to Inspector.
  • 1881 Fort Macleod then transferred to Blackfoot Crossing/’The Ridge Under the Water’ in August.
  • 1882 Blackfoot Crossing on the Bow River.
  • 1883 Transferred to Fort Pitt on the North Saskatchewan River, placed in charge.
  • 1884 Fort Pitt
  • 1885 Fort Pitt. Rebellion broke out in March. Fort Pitt abandoned. Dickens and his men raft to Fort Battleford on the North Saskatchewan River. Dickens continued at Battleford.
  • 1886 Fort Battleford. Dickens resigned his commission in March, travelled overland to Swift Current to reach the Canadian Pacific Railway. Travelled via Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto to Ottawa.
  • 1886 Moline, Illinois. Died June 11. Buried in Riverside Cemetery.
  • 2002 September Unveiling of official NWMP headstone Riverside cemetery, Moline.

Officers of the NWMP within Fort Walsh, Cypress Hills, 1879 click image to enlarge
Officers of the NWMP within Fort Walsh, Cypress Hills, 1879.Sub-Inspector F.J. Dickens second in from left in back row. Glenbow photo NA-98-15

Fictional artist's rendering of the attack of March 27, 1885 on Fort Pitt. click image to enlarge
This sketch for the London Illustrated News is a fictional artist's rendering of the attack of March 27, 1885 on Fort Pitt. One member of the NWMP was killed within sight of the fort and his heart was cut out and eaten. Another man was wounded, feigned death then crawled to the fort.Glenbow photo NA-1480-6