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PRISONERS OF WAR: Behind Canadian Barbed Wire

"POW" tells the stories of the camps of both wars together with the escape attempts, murders, trials and executions. In addition, coverage is given the POW camps in Britain and the USA together with the murders and executions which took place in those countries. This book was previously published in 1980 as "Behind Canadian Barbed Wire".

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This controversial book challenges Members of Canadian legislatures and parliament to stop acting like children! The author was a Calgary MLA Legislature for 17 years and served as Speaker for over 7 years. He was known for doing his parliamentary homework and his judgements were both knowledgeable and just. He didn't put up with nonsense.

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Inspector F.J. Dickens of the Northwest Mounted Police


Here is a unique tale from Canada’s historic North West. It is a tale within a tale, for Francis Jeffrey Dickens... son of renowned English author Charles Dickens. Dickens Senior wrote many stories but the short life of third son, Francis Jeffrey is an interesting, little known story of adventures. A must read for all ages, with a surprizing connection to "A Christmas Carol"

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The beautiful book contains the unique story of the Royal Air Force Station #34 Service Flying Training School Medicine Hat 1941 - 1944. This base operated under both the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) and the Empire Training Plan.

PRAIRIE WINGS - A special, limited edition is published by Eagle Butte Press Ltd. 11" x 8" coffee table style book, with double columns, and 200 pages.

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THE LEGISLATURE GHOST - Echoes of the Past

This attractive book features 136 photos including 82 B&W illustrations of vanishing prairie buildings in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & Montana. Many of the stories and photos relate to Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Medicine Hat and area. It includes 48 full color photos of original art created by former civilian internees and combatant prisoners of war while captive in Canada during World War Two.

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REFLECTIONS Through Images and Phrases

This book is an invitation to use your imagination as you ‘travel’ the following photographs and phrases. As a child when I heard the haunting call of steam engines I wanted to travel the world. Since then I have visited many countries. I hope these images and words will awaken fond memories of your own.

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